• Încarcă imaginea în vizualizatorul Galerie, Conspiracy!
  • Încarcă imaginea în vizualizatorul Galerie, Conspiracy!


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45 minute
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4 jucător(i)
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Hand Management, Set Collection
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Diane Sauer, Nick Sauer
Shoot Again Games

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We all know that conspiracies are real. They are trying to clone Hitler, role-playing is actually devil worship and the Reptilian overlords are watching our every move! The problem is that for some reason people ignore these obvious facts. That has to change, and quickly before it's too late!

Conspiracy! is a game for two to four players. During the game players reveal conspiracies, each of which grant the player some special power. Additionally, players can work to discredit the insane conspiracies of other players (what nut jobs!) by leaking stories to the tabloid press. Points are scored for the conspiracies left at the end of the round and those that are accepted possibly true by the public double in value.

The game ends when a player crosses one hundred points. The highest score wins.