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Builders of Blankenburg: Fields and Flocks

Builders of Blankenburg: Fields and Flocks

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Detalii Livrare - Transport
Vârsta 14+
Durata 150 minute
Numărul jucătorilor 2-6
Limba regulament EN
Competențe lingvistice Usor dependent lingvistic
Complexitate * 0
Designer * Peter Schultz
Producător Cobblestone Games

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Add a whole new element to your adventures in Blankenburg with the addition of the Fields & Flocks expansion. Not only does Fields & Flocks add six player support to the game, but it introduces the Harvest phase, where you are able to direct the actions of your serfs in managing your agricultural holdings. Grow crops and raise livestock, either selling them to the various citizens in the town for silver, or attaching complete fields and flocks to structures for additional prestige. Fields & Flocks also includes more Characters, Citizens, Visitors, and Events, so each game is a unique experience.

Most new action takes place during the Harvest phase. This adds a worker placement mechanic to the game, where your serfs can interact with Fields and Flocks, as well as Citizens and structures. Depending on the Citizens in town and the structures in play, different strategies are available.

As an added bonus, the expansion comes with a full reprint of all cards from the base game. These will be printed on higher quality card stock, along with a switch to symbols instead of color bars on structures and the inclusion of district symbols to avoid confusion and aid color blind players. Some art which originally came out darker than anticipated will be rebalanced to ensure everything looks great.

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