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Hostage Negotiator: Abductor Pack 9

Hostage Negotiator: Abductor Pack 9

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Detalii Livrare - Transport
Vârsta 15+
Durata 20 minute
Numărul jucătorilor 1
Ideal pentru * 1 jucător(i)
Limba regulament EN
Complexitate * Medie (2)
Mecanica jocului * Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Open Drafting
Designer * T. C. Petty III
Producător Van Ryder Games

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Misha Koskiken is the poster child for sensationalism gone wrong in the best of times, but today things spiraled out of control. Her opponents snuck into an event and threatened her, so she incited her loyal devotees to violence. Now you have to interject between these two groups before things spiral further out of control.

In this thrilling new expansion for Hostage Negotiator, the Abductor isn't getting her own hands dirty, she has a flock of loyal fans to do it for her. You'll have to manage her petty tendencies and keep her paranoia in check before she ends up igniting this powder keg.

This Abductor pack is a 15 card expansion compatible with both Hostage Negotiator and Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave.

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