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Mythical Island

Mythical Island

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Detalii Livrare - Transport
Vârsta 8+
Durata 40 minute
Numărul jucătorilor 2-4
Ideal pentru * 4 jucător(i)
Limba regulament EN
Complexitate * Medie (2)
Mecanica jocului * Area Movement, Tile Placement, Variable Player Powers
Designer * Monika Brzková, Svavar Björgvinsson
Producător Gamia Games

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In the beginning of time, the Island was created. The Mythical beings thrived there in complete balance, peace and harmony. After many prosperous times, the Elements became restless and broke the harmony. They all wanted to conquer the Island with their own elemental power.

Chaotic times begun and one by one, the Mythical beings were forced to leave. The Island was in urgent need of regeneration, so the legendary Protectors were summoned. By using their special powers, the Protectors securely re-arranged the landscape. Their task was to calm the elements and restore the balance, enabling the Mythical beings to return back home.

In order to maintain continuous stability, the Protectors agreed to reward the most successful Protector as the Guardian of Mythical Island…

Mythical Island is a tile laying game for 2 – 4 players, age 8 and older. Through out the game, players draw Mythical cards that show a certain landscape pattern.

Players’ aim is to arrange the Landscape tiles so they match the pattern and element shown on the Mythical card. Then players need to move their pawn on this pattern to activate the Mythical card, the points gained will be received at the end of the game.

All Mythical beings in the game are based on Icelandic & Nordic folk tale creatures, a short description can be found in the separate Mythiopedia booklet. The landscape tiles are actual Icelandic locations.

The game ends when any player activates a certain number of Mythical beings, according to number of players.

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