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Pathfinder Absalom, City of Lost Omens (2nd Edition)

Pathfinder Absalom, City of Lost Omens (2nd Edition)

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For nearly 5,000 years, the great city of Absalom has stood at the center of the Innear Sea's culture, commerce, and prophecy. Now, with the death of the its founder-god Aroden, the disappearance of its lord mayor, and new attacks from some of its greatest foes, Absalom stands at the crossroads of a new and uncertain destiny!

This lore-packed 400-page guide presents a fascinating locale suitable for years of Pathfinder adventures! A huge poster map of the city, more than 250 locations, and more than 400 interconnected NPCs set the scene in unprecedented detail, beckoning your characters to walk upon streets paved with centuries of history. Follow in the footsteps of generations of questing heroes to chart a new path for the City at the Center of the World!

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